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Bangkok Metropolis is Thailand’s capital serving as the center of development and modernity in industry,commerce, economy, and transport. In addition to its unique culture and exquisite architecture,this city is full of magnificence and charm and can attract tourists to explore traditions, cultures, archaeological sites,food and ways of living of its inhabitants. All of these have been well-harmonized, giving rise to the city being award “Asia’s Best City” as the best sightseeing capital in Asia and the third best in the world.

With Dom Muang, south-east Asia’s largest international airport, sited just outside the city, Bangkok is the point of arrival for the great majority of visitors to Thailand. The name Bangkok, probably a corruption of “Ban Makok” meaning “village of olives”, is seldom used by the Thais themselves. The capital’s official name is “Krung Thep Mahanakorn Amorn Rattanakosin Mahintara Mahadirok Popnoparat Ratchathani Burirom Udommahasthan Amornpiman Awathansathit”, usually shortened, for obvious reasons, to “Krung Thep” (City of Angels). Alternatively the city is known as “Phra Nakhon” (the Heavenly Capital).

Bangkok has over 400 temples, a big part of the numerous cultural sites that make it a popular tourist destination as well as Thailand’s major tourist gateway. The design of many of the wats was influenced by buildings in other parts of Thailand; for the visitor this means an insight into differing styles of temple architecture, not simply the Bangkok (or Rattanakosin) style. There are a number of palaces, some still used by the Royal family. The Grand Palace is the King’s official residence.

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